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I PREDICTED IT! Scotty Mccreery Won American Idol!

25 May

I still haven’t watched a single episode this season, but I knew that Scotty Mccreery was destined for greatness because of his awful resemblance to Alfred E. Newman! I predicted this shit! See here


Scotty Mccreery Looks Exactly Like “MAD” Alfred E. Newman

17 Mar

I don’t even watch American Idol but last night I just happened to be flipping through the channels when all of a sudden Alfred E. Newman aka Scotty Mccreery was on stage next to our mini metro sexual Ryan Seacrest.  For this reason and this reason alone I think Scotty should be the next American Idol. Look at the picture, they are practically twins! Alfred our cartoon hunk of hotness is back! Watch out Sanjaya and that other gray haired old man who I think won American Idol but has never been seen again. America has voted.

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