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Penis Repellent of the Month: Sarah Jessica Parker

18 May

If Sex in the City was a real life story and Sarah Jessica Parker really got laid n’ paid like Carrie Bradshaw then…………  I would sale all my shit and move to New York!  Let’s be honest if any man would saddle up and ride that stallion, I could probably make it BIG in NYC….. (get it  – BIG)

I am sure she is just a charming breed and it’s unfortunate that she has to re-live Ferris Bueller’s Day Off  every day of her life because she married Matthew Broderick (Who was also almost nominated due to his Donald Trump comb over.) On the up side at least she has cute kids and ass loads of stylish clothes from her Sex in the City gig.


Sites We Love: Sara Jessica Parker Looks Like a Horse

26 Jan

We posted earlier about Lady Gaga and her ponylike beauty but we don’t want to take away from the orginal equine beauty, SJP. She has been working her equestrian look for sometime now and is truely an icon to people and Equus ferus a like. 

Ponies are pretty:

See them all at Sarah Jessica Parker Looks Like a Horse

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