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Britney Spears is in Park City, UT

17 May

She has to be. I saw this used pregnancy test on the floor in a Chevron gas station bathroom.

At first I thought it might be Amy Winehouse, but then I checked Dlisted and saw that she’s back in the rehabs.


Mariah Carey’s Having A Boy and A Girl

1 Feb

It’s official! Maraih Carey and her boy hubby Nick Cannon are Wild n Out with the sex of their twins! One Boy, One Girl! It’s just what Mariah always wanted: Hello Kitty and Kerropi. 


They will be so happy in their Swarofzy Crystal baby bassinets with their butterfly scented diaper falling asleep everynight to Glitter playing in the back ground.

These buns are scheduled to pop fresh out the oven in April/May. So keep your eye on the skyline for a giant glitter explosion. That’s how you’ll know the chosen ones have arrived.


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