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History According to Sarah Palin

6 Jun

This dummy wants to be the President. Somebody smack my face with one of these Revere Bells, wouldya?


Ann Coulter Thinks Radiation is Good For You

18 Mar

This woman is the worst troll around.  Captain Dum Dum is shouting from the roof tops that the glowing green clouds of radiation are healthy! According to Ann the Man Coulter the govarnment is being a bunch of  ninnies and has set the bar much too low for radiation warnings. So get out there and get mutant people! She thinks it prevents the cancer and really perks you up.

Even Bill O’Reilly isn’t buying this garbage, which is really saying something. Let’s put Ann in a tye dye bikini and send her on over to Japan to get her Radon Tan On and she can test this out for us. Sorry Ann, we watch The Simpsons. We know what the green sticks will do to you.

Photo: DeviantArt
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