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Britney Spears is in Park City, UT

17 May

She has to be. I saw this used pregnancy test on the floor in a Chevron gas station bathroom.

At first I thought it might be Amy Winehouse, but then I checked Dlisted and saw that she’s back in the rehabs.


Kevin Federline: Oops He Did It Again! Got a Girl Pregnant, That is.

6 Apr

I am pretty sick of Kfed inserting his penis and sperminating (yup I just made up that word) where it doesn’t belong.  Kevin “popozao” Federline is going to be a daddy (tally that up to baby 5!) with his girlfriend, ex-pro volleyball player Victoria Prince. Listen, we will let it slide with Britney Spears because that bastard was genius knocking her crazy ass up, you know…. since he supposedly gets around $50,000 per month in child support. WHITE TRASH GENIUS I TELL YOU! Kfed is in the baby making business. Knocking up hoe’s and getting paid for it! Not too shabby for someone who looks like they are about to birth a set of twins himself——>



Britney’s Ex Bodygaurd Has Naked Pics of Her, Look Out World!

7 Mar

Listen people. Quit with the sexting! Nothing good ever comes of it. I mean in the moment it, when you are sitting in your bedroom all alone and you met someone on Chat Roulette, it might sound like a great idea. But then this happens:

Fernando Flores, Britney’s ex-bodygaurd, who is suing the singer for sexual harassment, claims Brit Brit sent him racy, nude pictures from her cell phone in an attempt to seduce him. She must have been in a cheesy grits induced delusion because we all know this is a bad idea.

Radar says, “They are really explicit images that will likely shock and disgust the majority of her fans,” a pal of Flores. “Fernando can prove the pictures were taken on her cell phone and sent to his mobile.

Here’s the thing. If you told me you had pics of Brit Brit wearing readers, a collared shirt and sweater, reading a GMAT prep book, I’d be shocked. Her naked ass all up in your cell phone? Not surprised.

Katy Perry Calls Britney a Sell Out

23 Feb


Katy Perry is getting snotty on her twitter account and she’s dragging Britney into it.

Last week one of Katy Perry’s followers and tourmate  Marina and the Diamonds asked her for a “consensus on product placement in videos.” Mrs. Russel Brand tweeted back “Do it with style and grace … Not so ‘In [your] face like some. [You] have to get creative with it. Some artists don’t care though, and you can tell.”

Listen. Me thinks Katy Perry (notice that you have to refer to her by her full name and I can Britney and you know who I mean. Just sayin..) is just jealous because Britney reportedly made more than $500,000 from product placement in her “Hold It Against Me”  video. Here’s the thing, we noticed the product placement. Who cares! Brit’s gotta make that money!

Cashing in: Britney Spears, pictured here on a Sony TV, is said to have made half a million dollars from product placements in the music video for her new single Hold It Against Me

And Katy Perry should zip her lip. Her California Gurls video was basically an infomercial for Candy Land. Pluse she is on the payroll for Proactiv and is currently in the process of launching her own perfume and is a self proclaimed ‘product whore’. Well, well, ain’t that Charlie Sheen calling Mel Gibson a drunk.

Britney Spears Unveils Hold It Against Me Video

18 Feb

After 13 Youtube teasers, here it is. The alien baby of Britney. Soooo much going on here.

I love her hi-tech Kim Zolciak busty wedding dress, but my fave is when she goes all Ke$ha on it! Oh snap! Also, Brit Brit got smart. That Sony product placement probably paid for 25 years worth of cheese grits.  It should really read $ony.

My only complaint? Not enough hot guys!  What ? Fine, hold it against me. God.

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