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Arnold Schwazanegger’s Love Child Mother

18 May

Wow. When I heard about this whole “The Terminator has a love child” situation, I envisioned some uber hot nanny that was tempting the Kindergarten Cop with he goodies day and night. Turns out he likes more cushion for the pushin with a few years under their belt. Boy, is she a looker!

This is the woman who broke up the Govenator’s marriage:

I mean, clearly he was in it for the motorboatin’. How could he not be ?

Basically he hired the maid from Family Guy:

Apparently he made sweet sweet Austrian love to her all over the haus and Maria didn’t even know it! Then when his “bang maid” (Thanks Always Sunny in Philadelphia) popped a baby bump, Arnold didn’t even notice.  You’d think he’d get a clue when the maids seven month old was lifting up Bentley’s in the drive way, but no. ESCANDAL!!!!

Oh Arnold, you could get the freaky alien in the jungle and save the world, but you couldn’t keep a love child under wraps.

I bet Miss Patty, that’s the maid, saw Junior and thought “Shit, if he can do it, I can do it.” She was hurtin’ for a squirtin’.

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