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Pejazzling = Vajazzle for your PENIS!

19 May


Breath in….. Breath out…. Breath in…..

I have an important announcement, “You can now BEDAZZLE your dick!”

In case your ride the blue bus or for all of the virgins out there a Pejazzle is a line of stick-on crystals that you place above your wang chung.

I can only see this turning into a “little man’s syndrome” epidemic. Why? Because men are competitive. One day it will be Pejazzling a douche bag cross on their junk and they next day it will be they whole damn outline of Mary with a rosarie, rays of sunshine, and and eagle!   – Who can have the bigger and better bling on your thing!-

No offense but I already get nauseated looking at the Affliction douche capes that have the rhinestones and flames. This is the last thing women need is for the douche to spread down to their under carriage. I would also consider this a work hazard, I personally don’t want Swarovski crystals reflecting light off into my eyes causing some type of retina damage! (I don’t know why I would be down there in the first place, weird?)

Bottom line. This will only attract those who loves disco, barbed wire tattoos, and craft conventions.

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