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I PREDICTED IT! Scotty Mccreery Won American Idol!

25 May

I still haven’t watched a single episode this season, but I knew that Scotty Mccreery was destined for greatness because of his awful resemblance to Alfred E. Newman! I predicted this shit! See here


Sunny D and Rum

19 Apr

I am pretty sure she might brush her tooth with Sunny D and Rum too. I have the strong urge to get in the shower and rinse the trailer trash off of my body right now. Bless her little heart all she wants to be is the next Britney Spears.

Rebecca Black, It’s Friday ~ (Brock’s Dub) Addition

8 Apr

It’s Friday and guess what horrid song came into my head when I woke up this morning——>

♩ ♬ ♩ ♬  We so excited….we we we so excited…. fun fun fun fun…. yesterday was Thursday…. today is Friday….tomorrow is Sunday….front seat – back seat which one should I choose? ♩ ♬♩ ♬

Damn you Rebecca Black! There is nothing worse than having your shitty song stuck in my head! For all of my pain and suffering I have to repost this hilarious parody just to make myself feel better about today actually being Friday.

“Vocal Point” Acapella Group From BYU ~ Guess Which Ones Are Virgins?!

4 Apr

I am almost 100% positive that BYU doesn’t have to worry about kicking any of these playboys off of the team for having sex or breaking their code of conduct. Why? Because they are too busy making acapella renditions of Thriller and Inspector Gadget than to feel the sweet sweet pleasure of dry humping their girlfriend.

Hey there is nothin’ wrong with 9 “straight” guys in plaid shirts singing about what they wish they could do most “beat it…beat it…..” A member of the group even said, “When this opportunity arose and I said, oh this looks like the most fun thing in the world!”  Hey BYU captain chastity you wanna know what’s the most fun thing in the world is? Touching boobs. I am also pretty sure I heard somewhere that it doesn’t count if it’s just the tip?

A Visual Compendium of Notable Haircuts in Popular Music (or they just could have said a musician hair poster)

23 Mar

I would hang this up in a hair salon……. Oh I am sorry ma’am I thought you said you wanted the Coolio hair style?!

You can pick up one of these bad ass posters up at Pop Chart Labs for $25

Is It Possible To Hate Friday?

16 Mar

It is now. This is literally the worst song EVER WRITTEN. Basically Rebecca just looked around and started writing down words, mishmashed them together and made a song about everything that is obvious. Brick from Anchorman sounded smarter when he came up with “I love Lamp”. This girl is killing me!

Yahoo thinks it might be a super stealth SNL Digital short parading as a cruel joke. Whatever the hell this is, it isn’t good. ” Partyin’ Partyin’ Fun Fun Fun!”  I feel like it’s a tweend up version of a Barney song that teaches you about days of the week and what to do in cars. Shoot me.

Ke$ha’s Face on Condoms

6 Mar

Imagine this headed straight for your kooka

Well it could be your wildest dreams come true: Ke$sha’s glitter bombed face all over you or your partners junk. Ke$ha just worked a deal with Lifestyles condoms to have her face printed on 10,000 condoms she’ll give out at her concerts. “She’ll put that glitter on your dong”

This is the best birth control ever. You aren’t gonna want that thing any where near you if blue lipped KE$ha is staring up at you.

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