I PREDICTED IT! Scotty Mccreery Won American Idol!

25 May

I still haven’t watched a single episode this season, but I knew that Scotty Mccreery was destined for greatness because of his awful resemblance to Alfred E. Newman! I predicted this shit! See here


2 Responses to “I PREDICTED IT! Scotty Mccreery Won American Idol!”

  1. Sharon May 26, 2011 at 7:49 am #

    So, now, do you feel better about yourself, for making fun of a 17 young boy, with talent? Give me a break! This is exactly what’s wrong, with America, today!! The minute, you have talent, someone like you comes along, to try to find fault, in something and attacking, a persons appearance is FUN, to people, like you. It’s the reason why, girls are starving themselves, to look a certain way, like the thin models, they try to match up to. Leave this kid alone. He’s young, innocent & wholesome…something, HUGELY LACKING, IN THIS COUNTRY.

    • The Dirty Doxy May 27, 2011 at 12:09 pm #

      I thought my post was actually pretty nice, it could have been much worse? Obviously I am not the only one that think Scotty looks like Alfred E. Newman we have had over 33,000 people Google “Scotty Mccreery & Alfred E. Newman!” If he looked like Brad Pitt I would have stated that he looks like Brad Pitt – but NOPE he looks like Alfred E. freaking Newman. I am just stating the obvious. I am sure he has OODLES of talent and wholesomeness.

      I think you’ve made an even bigger point that you don’t even realize. WE are what makes America great. We’re sticking to The Constitution my friend… freedom of Speech. Welcome to the internet where people can write about what they like, dislike, think is funny, sad, exciting, unfair and a million other expressions. So, we think we’re what’s right with America. And the beauty of it all? If you disagree, you don’t have to read it! There are about 33,000 other bloggers out there who made the same comparison. You’re fingers are sure going to be tired from typing up all these hateriffic comments. Hope you are quick with the copy, paste functions. Have a great day!

      Sincerely, The Dirty Doxy Consumer Feedback Dept.

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